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Price R325
  • Set the light to suit your mood. With the dimmer slider, you can adjust the brightness of the Shelly Duo bulb.
  • Shelly Duo welcomes you at home and lets you control your lights from your bedroom to your backyard.
  • It even makes it seem like you’re home when you’re not. It’s all about simplifying your life with the smartest WiFi dual white bulb in the world.
  • Dimmable white light by fine-tuning your brightness
  • Control the lighting at home, no matter where you are.
  • Now you won’t be leaving the lights on. Shelly DUO (E27) can be set to automatically turn ON/OFF based on the sunrise and sunset hours.

Shelly Duo RGBW Smart Bulb - GU10 / LED / Dimmable / Wi-fi


Price R417
  • Has an embedded webserver
  • Can function as a standalone device, as an accessory to a home automation controller, or it may be used as another automation system's component
  • Has been designed for installation in a standard light socket – GU10
  • Has two light modes – Colour and White. You can personalize your lighting with a palette of hundreds of RGB colors and White temperatures

Shelly Dimmer 2


Price R978

Dimming without a neutral line. Shelly Dimmer 2 was developed to consider all possible electrical installations across the world. Shelly Dimmer 2 can be used in homes where the neutral line is missing and provide a full set of dimming functionalities. You can control a wide range of halogen lights, dimmable LED and ferromagnetic transformers.

*When using the device without neutral, Shelly Dimmer 2 requires at least 10W of power consumption to operate. If the connected light has a smaller power consumption, then Shelly Bypass is needed for the device to work.

ZigBee Dimmer Light Switch (Black) - 1/2/3 Gang


Price R355

Zigbee HUB requrieed to use this: ZigBee Smart Gateway Wireless Remote Controller for all Tuya ZigBee 3.0 Smart Products

  • Voltage: AC110-240V (50/60Hz)
  • Max Load: 1A (inductive and capacitive load), 3A (pure resistive load)
  • Max. Load Power: 400W/Gang (Resistive load)
  • Connection Mode: N+L
  • Working Voltage: 90-250V AC 50/60Hz
  • Wireless: No
  • APP remote control: Tuya, Smartlife

Aqara Vibration Sensor

IN STOCK at GeeWiz

Price R277
  • Aqara Vibration Sensor
  • Designed to Fit Various Places
  • Can be used on Valuable Paintings, Drawers & Cabinets, Balcony Doors
  • Reacts to three actions: Vibration, Tilt, and Drop
  • Security: Action Detected, Sound Alarm, App Notification

Aqara Motion Sensor

IN STOCK at GeeWiz

Price R342
  • Operating Temperature: -10℃~+45℃
  • What's in the Box: Motion Sensor x 1, Stand x 1, Sticker x 1, Quick Start Guide x 1
  • Battery: CR2450
  • Maximum Detection Distance: 7 m
  • Operating Humidity: 0 – 95%RH, non-condensing
  • App: Apple Home app (iOS 10.3 or later), Aqara Home app (Android 5.0 or later, iOS 10.3 or later)
  • Wireless Protocol: Zigbee
  • Maximum Detection Angle: 170°
Emporia Vue Gen 3 200A 3-Phase Current Monitoring Clip

Emporia Vue Gen 3 200A 3-Phase Current Monitoring Clip

IN STOCK at GeeWiz

Price R435
  • 24/7 real power monitoring
  • Real-time data
  • Individual circuit monitoring
  • Savings recommendations
  • Granular 1 second data
  • Connects to cloud over WiFi
  • Saves money
  • Conserves energy
  • Reduces carbon
  • Add to Emporia Vue to support three-phase systems up to 415Y/240VAC -no Delta
  • * Professional installation recommended
  • Includes Sensor, Bridge wire and Cap


IN STOCK at GeeWiz

Regular price R290 -10%
Price R261
  • Touch ON/OFF
  • App Remote ON/OFF
  • 433MHz RF Remote ON/OFF
  • Schedule/Countdown Timers
  • Works with Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap
  • Works with Google Home, Google Home Mini, Google Nest
  • Works with IFTTT

PLEASE NOTE: These units HAVE to be connected to your WiFi network within 7 days after being powered on/installed for the first time. Failing to do so will cause the unit to stop working.

We recommend installation only once you are ready to connect the product to your WiFi network.

Geewiz WiFi Smart Plug 16A TUYA South African Power AC Plug Socket works with Alexa /...

IN STOCK at GeeWiz

Price R195
  • Control home appliances from anywhere in the world remotely using the Tuya / Smart Life app
  • Voice Assistant Support through Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Set timers and schedules for automatic turn on/off of devices
  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V
  • AC Frequency: 50~60Hz
  • Working Temp: 10~60°C
  • Max. Load: 16A
  • Wi-Fi Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Chipset: Beken BK7231N
  • *NOW with Energy Monitoring*

Aqara - Sensor - Motion Sensor - P1

IN STOCK at GeeWiz

Price R413
  • Configurable Detection Timeout
  • 5-Year Battery Life
  • All-Round Compatibility
  • 170° Field of View
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Built-in Light Sensor
  • Local and Remote Alarm

Sonoff T5 Cartoon Faceplates - 1/2/3/4 Gang


Price R95
  • Customizable decorative faceplate for TX Ultimate 120 type switches
  • Suitable for 1/2/3/4 Gang configurations
  • Transform your switches with stylish options such as stars or cartoons
  • Replaceable cover for effortless customization and adaptation to evolving design trends
  • Precision-crafted for a seamless fit and cohesive look with TX Ultimate 120 Type switches
  • ** Only fits the TX ULTIMATE range

Yale Keyless Connected Smart Lock


Price R3,209
  • Touchscreen with backlit keypad
  • 20 user ID's (PIN, card, sticker and tags)
  • Low battery indicator with emergency battery connection
  • User codes and settings remain if batteries are replaced
  • 3 minute lock out if code is entered incorrectly 5 times
  • Tamper alarm
  • For use on inward opening timber doors.

SONOFF T2EU-RF Smart Light Switch Extension Remote - RF Touch Remote Control

IN STOCK at GeeWiz

Price R138
  • The Sonoff T2EU 433MHz wireless stick-on smart wall switch is an extension of Sonoff’s best-selling TX series Wi-Fi Wall Smart Switches. It looks similar to the EU TX series to keep your home style modern, artistic, and functions as a 433MHz remote controller. You can connect the wall switch to a range of Sonoff devices such as the Sonoff T1/T2/T3, R2RF, R3RF, SlampherR2 or 4CHPROR3
  • 433MHz remote controller with a unique appearance
  • 1/2/3-gang design covers your needs
  • Stick on the surface to use, no wiring required
  • Support two-way control of the device
  • Match to use. One for multiple devices and multiple for one device
  • Remote control Sonoff 433MHz smart devices
  • Strong wall penetration for sensitive and instant response
  • Splash-proof enclosure and stylish glass panel
  • Backlight is easy-to-locate in the dark
  • Backlight is adjusted automatically based on the absorbing energy from light
  • Optional usage methods including stick-on, screw-on, and desk-top
  • Powered by the battery(batteries are not included)

SONOFF TX T2 WiFi Smart Light Switch - (Requires Neutral Wire)

IN STOCK at GeeWiz

Price R455
  • Remotely control devices through a phone
  • Turn on/off devices with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Touch control buttons for convenient operation
  • Set a particular time to turn on/off devices

These units HAVE to be connected to your WiFi\internet (ewelink app), if they are never connected/disconnected for a period of longer than 7 days it will cause the product to stop working.

We recommend installation only once you are ready to connect the product to your WiFi\internet (ewelink app).

If SSID or Password change, you need to reconnect the switches to WiFi\internet (ewelink app) within 7 days.

Meross Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor - works with Apple HomeKit / Amazon Alexa...

IN STOCK at GeeWiz

Price R495
  • Smart Environmental Monitor
  • Compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and SmartThings
  • Battery Replacement-Free for Life with ambient microlight collection
  • Remote Monitoring for temperature and humidity changes
  • Precision Detection with a built-in 4th generation Swiss-made high-precision sensor
  • Multi-Scenes functionality for monitoring various locations
  • Real-time Alert Notifications for predefined threshold breaches
  • Devices Automation to trigger Meross device actions based on conditions
  • 2-Year Data Storage & Export through the Meross app