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Google Nest Audio

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Google Nest Audio

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  • Use Google Duo on Nest Audio to call mobile phones, tablets, and more. This is free and works internationally.
  • In the Google Home app, there’s a “Call Home” coin at the top. Tap that coin and your Nest Audio will become a home phone.
  • UCall any other Nest speaker or display in your home. Just say “Hey Google, call the living room” or “Hey Google, call the kitchen.”
  • Just say “Hey Google, broadcast [any message]” to send that message to all the other speakers and displays in your house. You can also broadcast from within the Google Home app.
  • Transfer music around your home
  • If you have multiple Nest Audio speakers, you can easily move music around your home with just your voice. Just say, ‘OK Google, move music to the living room.