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Ancel BST600 12-24V Battery Tester - Built-In Printer / 3.12V & 24V Battery Load...

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Price R2,895
  • Battery load tester is a more advanced battery load test tool with printer
  • Test battery temperature and measure current CCA values.
  • Can quickly test the cold start current, internal resistance, and battery life
  • Battery test, cranking test, Charging test, Maximum load test and reverse power connection protection
  • Conveniently attach a printout to a work order, share it with your customers or build a preventative maintenance program of record keeping
  • 3.12V & 24V Battery Load tester
  • Battery tester works on 12 volt & 24-volt lead-acid batteries including regular flooded, AGM flat plate, AGM spiral, GEL and EFB batteries with the test range (100-2000 CCA)
  • Compatible with cars, motorcycles, trucks, RVs, ATVs, SUVs, boats, yachts, mowers and even golf carts

Siphon Pump - 20L / Plastic

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Price R50
  • High-Grade Polyethylene Construction
  • Easy to Use: Simple operation, allowing the siphoning of liquids
  • Vacuum Creation: Squeeze the red chamber 6-7 times
  • No Further Operation Required: Once the vacuum is created
  • Vent Cap for Control: The vent cap can be opened to stop the discharge at the desired level
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for transferring water, diesel, oils, detergents, lubricants, paraffin, and other non-flammable liquids.

OBD2 Scanner with USB Connection - Reads generic and manufacturer-specific trouble codes

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Price R195

*Does not support Diesel cars

  • Read diagnostic trouble codes, both generic and manufacturer-specific, and display their meaning (over 3000 generic code definitions in the database).
  • Clear trouble codes and turn off the MIL (Check Engine light)
  • Display current sensor data
  • Engine RPM
  • Calculated Load Value
  • Coolant Temperature
  • Fuel System Status
  • Vehicle Speed
  • Short Term Fuel Trim
  • Long Term Fuel Trim