How do I checkout?


Say goodbye to struggling with finding your wallet, credit card details, and all the other hassles of traditional credit cards. Mobicred has got it sorted.


Here’s how to checkout online in less time than it takes to find your credit card.


  1. Shop your chosen store as per usual and add to cart.


  1. During the checkout process, choose Mobicred as your payment option.


  • To find Mobicred, you will need to first select Payfast.


  1. Sign in with your Mobicred username and password. This will trigger an OTP to your registered mobile device.


  1. Enter the OTP to complete the payment.


  1. You’ll get your order right away from us, and pay your Mobicred instalments when due.


P.S This makes Mobicred great for scoring once-in-a-lifetime deals before they’re sold out.



How long do I have to pay?


With a Mobicred account, you’re not required to pay off your balance within a set time frame. Who wants to get stressed out by paying in 3 or 4, or 12?


As long as you’re making your minimum payments of 10% of your outstanding balance per month, it’s up to you to decide how long you need to settle your balance. We also don’t charge any fees for settling your balance early via additional EFT payments (good for you!).


You can use your account multiple times within a month, and with every repayment your credit facility becomes available to you again to keep on shopping. So next time you’re shopping online, #choosemobicred.



I need help


The application process is simple, easy and can be done anywhere & anytime; but Mobicred has support staff ready to help you if you get stuck in the process. Contact them here:


Email: [email protected]

Phone:  021 126 0700

WhatsApp:  060 762 8284