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Zartek RX-8 TWIN Two-Way Radio Pack - Rechargeable

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Price R1,103
  • Clear Loud Audio: 0.5W Transmitting Power
  • Small, Lightweight abnd Easy to Use
  • 968 Channel Combinations
  • Digital Volume Control 8 Levels
  • Channel Scanning and Monitor
  • VOX (Hands-free) 3 Levels of Sensitivity
  • Dual Watch (Monitors 2 channels)
  • Call Function (10 Different Tones)
  • Adjust Squelch (1-6)

Zartek ZA-P7 PTT Radio with USB Charger - GSM

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Price R2,483
  • National and international coverage through the Internet (GSM).
  • Quick and easy setup without base stations or repeaters.
  • Robust and durable design for various environments.
  • Instant audio with clear speech communication.
  • Easy selection of specific groups or individuals.
  • Extra-long lasting battery charged via USB.
  • Built-in GPS chip for live tracking.
  • Dispatcher PC software for radio communication and GPS tracking.

Norton 360 for Gamers AF 1 User 3 Device 12 Months


Price R495
  • Game Optimizer with Norton GO
  • Real-time protection
  • Device Security for 3 PCs, Macs®, smartphones, or tablets
  • Online Threat Protection against ransomware, viruses, spyware, and malware
  • Smart Firewall protects you from suspicious network traffic
  • 50GB PC Cloud Backup
  • Create, store and manage passwords
  • Norton Parental Control, Full-Screen Detection Mode, SafeCam and Norton Secure VPN included
  • 12-Month Subscription (Can be renewed)

Zartek ZA-721 Two-Way Radio - UHF Handheld Transceiver

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Price R920
  • 16 Pre-programmed channels
  • - Power Output 500mW license free/2W licenced
  • - Long range communication (Indoors; 600m-1.2km; Outdoor;2-6km)
  • - Detachable antenna
  • - Long battery life and Low battery Alert
  • - Channel announces
  • - External Microphone/Speaker Jack

Zartek ZA-723 Two-Way Radio


Price R879
  • Pre-programmed 16 Channels
  • Power Output 500mW License Free
  • Long Range Communications, Indoors & Outdoors
  • Tones 50 CTCSS / 208 DCS
  • Clear Loud Audio
  • Compact & Durable Casing
  • USB Desktop Cradle Charger
  • Long Battery Life & Low Battery Alert
  • Channel Announce
  • External Microphone / Speaker Jack
  • Approved by ICASA

YUBIKEY 5C USB-C Two Factor Authentication Security Key


Price R1,691
  • Protect online accounts against unauthorized access by using two factor authentication with this security key.
  • Works with Gmail, Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter, Dashlane, LastPass and hundreds of other services
  • Durable & waterproof
  • Fits USB-C computer ports and designed to fit on your keychain
  • Multi-protocol support: FIDO2, FIDO U2F, Yubico OTP, OATH-TOTP, OATH-HOTP, Smart card (PIV), OpenPGP, Challenge-Response

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2020 3+1 Free Device 1 Year

This product is no longer in stock

Price R265
  • Security: Defends against viruses, ransomware & more
  • Performance: Protects – without slowing you down
  • Simplicity: Simplifies security – easy to set up and use
  • PC, Mac & mobile: Secures your compatible devices – in any combination
  • Privacy: Stops webcam hijacks & hides browsing – on PC & Mac. Blocks phishing