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Hoymiles 600W Solar Grid-Tie Micro Inverter (USED)

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Regular price R2,995 -R1,000
Price R1,995
  • A single Microinverter connects two modules
  • 600W Maximum output power
  • Individual MPPT for each module
  • High Reliability: NEMA6(IP67) enclosure, 6000V surge protection
  • CEC weighted efficiency 96.5%
  • Static MPPT efficiency 99.8%
  • Dynamic MPPT efficiency 99.76% on a heavily-clouded day
  • Peak efficiency 96.7%
  • Approximately 4 years old

C2 Steel Battery Cabinet - Holds 2x 100Ah batteries

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Price R545
  • Light steel, firm and flexible
  • Components design which makes transferring and removing to be easy, fast, and safe
  • Ring-type terminal battery wires available
  • Insulated wire output
  • Interior Dimensions: 450mm x 470mm x 330mm (l x w x  h)

WIFI Dongle For MUST Inverters with USB port *New APP Version*

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Price R995
  • The WIFI Pro 25 is our latest dongle for the PV18 Series inverters
  • The WIFI PLUG14 dongle for MUST inverters can enable wireless communication between off-grid inverters and monitoring platform
  • In addition, users have complete and remote monitoring and controlling experience for inverters when combining Wi-Fi module with WatchPower APP
  • Available for both iOS and Android based device - *NEW APP VERSION*
  • All data loggers and parameters are saved in iCloud
  • Please Note - Only Compatible with MUST PV18 Series 3KVA and 5KVA inverters

Eaton Bussmann 80A Fuse Link for KETO-00


Price R78
  • Construction size NH00
  • Rated current A 80
  • Rated voltage V 500
  • Voltage type AC
  • Rated switching capacity kA 120 Utilization category gL/gG (cable protection/equipment protection)
  • Type of fuse status indicator Combination fuse status indicator
  • Insulated metal gripping lugs (IMGL) No