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CTEK MXT14 - 24V 14A Charger

IN STOCK at supplier

Price R6,901
  • Fully automatic ‘connect and forget’ 8 step charging
  • Patented maintenance charging up to 500Ah
  • Easy to read LED display
  • Safe spark free operation
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Short circuit proof

Bennett Read Patio Brush


Price R331
  • Save time & effort with the powerful & innovative Tri-Tech cleaning system
  • Double high-pressure jets to blast away dirt & grime
  • Easily clean large areas with the effective 360° spinning arm
  • Hard-wearing, heavy-duty scrubbing bristles to remove tough dirt with less effort
  • Eco-friendly – Limits the need to use harsh cleaning chemicals
  • Ideal for all-round home use including patios, driveways, walls, garage floors,
    stairs & more*
  • Fits most pressure washers**
  • *Not for use when cleaning cars or surfaces that may scratch easily.
    **Check your pressure washer for compatibility

X-Appeal Windscreen Sun Visor


Price R85
  • Windscreen Sun Visor
  • Long life special foil
  • Reflects the sun rays
  • Prevents heating in the car
  • Suitable for various cars
  • Color - Silver

CTEK MXS5.0T- 12V5A Charger

IN STOCK at supplier

Price R2,015
  • Fully automatic ‘connect and forget’ 8 step 12V charging
  • Smaller battery, normal battery, AGM and Recond programs
  • Built in automatic temperature compensation
  • Patented float/pulse maintenance for batteries up to 160Ah

Bennett Read Foam Dispenser


Price R472
  • Fill with Bennett Read TOUCHLESS FORMULA for an unbelievably quick, effective wash – just foam, then rinse. No buckets, sponges or scrubbing!*
  • Generates high-density foam, ideal for washing cars, boats and motorbikes
  • Adjustable nozzle and foam output for the perfect -round clean
  • Durable and premium brass components for ultimate longevity and heavy-duty cleaning
  • 750ml Bottle provides more foam to take on even the largest cleaning jobs
  • 250ml Touchless Formula included

CTEK CTX Battery Sense

IN STOCK at supplier

Price R811
  • Automatically syncs via Bluetooth
  • Continuously monitors battery’s charge
  • Stores stats for up to 3 months