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Thin Clients

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j5create - JRC705 (ZRDP405) Zero RDP Ultra Thin Client over Gigabit LAN or WAN


Price R1,414
  • Power usage can be as low as 150 of heavy client requirements
  • Devices require less power than PC or thin clients
  • Low cost, reliable solid-state hardware
  • Ideal for classrooms, offices, call centers, kiosks, computer labs, and home offices as well as SMB and government
  • Efficient and secure means of delivering applications to end users
  • Ethernet connection to the host server without distance limitations
  • High security standard and easy to deploy, as well as simplified administration
  • In a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment, administrators can reduce the number of physical PCs or blades and run multiple virtual PCs on server class hardware
  • No need to install device drivers