• 3G/4G/LTE Modems

    3G modems allow you to take a super fast internet connection with you wherever you go. So whether it's for checking your emails, browsing the web or just uploading you holiday pictures, a 3G dongle will always come in handy! Get the best deals in 3G modems in SA. If you looking for a 3G Dongle then buy one from Geewiz at a great price.

  • 3G/4G/LTE Wireless...

    If you have a 3G modem and you want to know how you can turn that 3G into Wifi then you need to Buy a 3G Wireless Router. By plugging your 3G dongle into one of these wireless routers, it will enable you to turn your 3G into Wifi so that your iPad, iPods, gaming consoles or multiple computers in your house to connect to the internet over a single 3G connection.

  • 3G Booster Antennas