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Astrum Battery For XPS 15 17 14D Series


Price R574.00
  • Astrum Battery
  • For XPS 15 17 14D Series
  • DELL XPS 14 Series(All)
  • DELL XPS 15 Series(All)
  • DELL XPS 17/17 3D Series(All)
  • DELL XPS14D Series(All)
  • DELL XPS15D Series(All)
  • DELL XPS17D Series(All)
  • DELL XPS L401x Series
  • DELL XPS L501x Series
  • DELL XPS L502x Series
  • DELL XPS L701x Series
  • DELL XPS L701x 3D Series
  • DELL XPS L702x Series

Astrum Network Patch Cable 20m CAT5E

IN STOCK at GeeWiz

Price R209.00
  • UTP network patch cable with RJ45 crimping boots   
  • Quality copper conductors for high speed ethernet transfers    
  • Al foil shield, bonded pairs to maintain line and termination point
  • Connect PC and other LAN devices to internet    
  • PVC outer jacket for durability  
  • Economy, non - environment pollution