Digital Watt Meter (Kill A Watt) - Measure your electricity usage



Power Voltage Watt Tester (Kill-o-watt)

Measure the consumption of individual appliances

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Do you ever wonder how much electricity your appliances are using?

The solution is here!

1) Plug the watt meter in-between the wall plug and your appliance

2) Immediately see exactly what your appliance is using (in watts)


The watt meter is plug and play. Just plug the cord into an electrical outlet and plug any device (up to 2000W) into the watt meter. If you want to measure multiple devices at once, you can plug an extension cord into the outlet of the watt meter

You can measure the following:

Basic Functions

1) Current Voltage

2) Accumulated Electricity Consumption (Total kW hours)

3) Current Electricity Consumption (Watts being used)

Advanced Functions

4) Electricity Cost

5) Ratio of Operation


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16 Question(s) answered

  • Asked by Willem
    on 06/09/2016
    Do you have a model that can handle a 3000W or even 6000W device? Answer:
    This one can handle 3000W peak. We do not have one that takes 6000W
  • Asked by Frans
    on 13/09/2016
    Can it measure power factor? Answer:
    Unfortunately not
  • Asked by Dieter
    on 14/09/2016
    Where am I able to physically see one of these units in Johannesburg or Pretoria? Answer:
    Sure, please click on the "contact-us" link above to see directions to our offices. You are welcome to come through and check one out.
  • Asked by keegan
    on 16/09/2016
    How do i purchase one. Required asap in Durban Answer:
    Please click on the checkout link and follow the checkout process. WE ship with overnight shipping (next business day) to Durban
  • Asked by Johan Botha
    on 25/11/2016
    Is there any computer connectivity ? (USB, Bluetooth?) Answer:
    No, it does not connect to a PC
  • Asked by Wilfred
    on 05/12/2016
    I have a compound with up to 5 units feeding off the main unit and I want measure the consumption of each of the units accurately so that they can be billed separately and accurately. Answer:
    Sure, you can use this to do that. Just make sure the units are locked away so that the customers cannot reset the usage themselves.
  • Asked by Mike
    on 15/12/2016
    Bad answer to Wilfred unless his units(dwellings) all draw less than 3000Watt! Better to buy normal house meters from electrical wholesaler. Answer:
    You are 100% correct - We should have mentioned that. Please do not use on the units if they draw more than 3000w at any time
  • Asked by Adrian
    on 06/01/2017
    I suspect my 20 year old refrigerator may be contributing significantly to my household electricity bill. Will this device be able to provide the data I need in order to investigate? Answer:
    Yes, it will be. It can monitor current usage. In additin, you can leave it going for a few days and then see average usage per day.
  • Asked by Dana Malan
    on 19/01/2017
    Does the meter come with calibration information? Answer:
    No it doesn't. It's already calibrated
  • Asked by Martin
    on 19/01/2017
    Will it still work on 2500w. Answer:
    Yes, it will. Peak is 3000W
  • Asked by Martin
    on 23/01/2017
    Can i see it and pay for it cash Answer:
    Sure, please come through to our offices. Map and direction can be seen by going to "contact us" above.
  • Asked by Michael
    on 21/02/2017
    Can I come by the store and see how it works? Answer:
    Hi there Michael You are most welcome to pop by - our address and directions is on our Contact Us page:
  • Asked by kunnumalsp
    on 26/02/2017
    Do you have an equipment which can measure PF, Volt , Amps & energy? I have one with 3000W but I need one which can measure about 6000 Answer:
    Hi there. Could you possibly supply us with the model number of the unit you have and we can see if we can source a larger derivative? Inbox us at
  • Asked by Johnny
    on 05/04/2017
    Does it give you a usage profile throughout the day and is the info downloadable into excell? Answer:
    Unfortunately not. You can only view stats on the LCD. It shows the cumulative usage since the last reset
  • Asked by GEORGE MEYER
    on 06/04/2017
    manual circuit breaker for 2 x RCT 4000w inverters in paralel .What amps breaker must I use,to isolate panels AND BATTERIES. I HAVE 12 X 265 W SOLAR PANELS. Answer:
    Please email your order number to so I can check for you
  • Asked by Francois
    on 18/04/2017
    Can I see the reading that has been used over a 30 day period? So I can see the total KW/h usage to be deducted from my bill? Answer:
    correct, you will just need to manually reset the stats every 30 days

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